Greetings from! the Great Commission is a command that Jesus Christ gave to His disciples prior to ascending into heaven. It is mentioned in Matthew’s Gospel (Matthew 28:16–20) and is a fundamental commandment for all Christ’s followers. Accordingly, we are holding hands as children of God, joined by one common goal to spread the Gospel to unimaginable lengths of the world. We become a powerful force for good when we work together, changing lives and communities and bringing glory to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

The unbreakable bond that exists between Christians and lost people who are seeking God is symbolised by the rope in our logo. Similar to how a rope acts as a lifesaver in a slick landscape, we acknowledge that our primary objective is to lead those who are lost in the darkness to the light of Christ’s love and salvation.

The name Christian in the logo accurately reflects the colour of the reality of a world marred by ignorance and prejudice in which souls are entangled in darkness and seeking a glimmer of hope. The “Rope” represents the blood of Jesus Christ as a powerful lifeline that connects lost souls to salvation in this logo based on the belief that the Blood of Jesus is the only way and a powerful lifeline connecting lost soul to salvation. #christianrope #lostsouls #salvation